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muddle communicating with google join in make available
Hi all, I just got an HTC One M8 and I am trying to set up google on it but I am getting the error "There was a riddle communicating with Google servers. Have a stab again later". I attest to two step verification is off, a plant reset, tried a variety of singular networks, made stable meeting and heyday was correct and it force not transmit with google at all. I also tried to spawn a new account on the phone and self-possessed if i try and produce united with a random user name like <div rage="parade:none">vk com мобильная разновидность </div> it says that username is taken. It seems to me like the phone reasonable level out wont connect to google no weight what I try. Like the intractable is in the device routing or something. Any thoughts?
try to restore factory setting in setting menu
what is your think

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